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Mango; Palmer x6

Quantity: 1.2lb Palmer Mangoes x6 (6.5lb)
Origin: Brazil
Seasonality: Year Round
Tree Ripened x Air Flown

Contrary to popular belief the Palmer mango did not get its name because it fills the palm of your hand - and some. Palmers are a soft and fibrous mango. Seductively sweet and floral. This thing is ridiculously juicy. Eat it in a bowl so you can suck back the juicy when you're done.

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Tree Ripe & Air Flown

Tree/Vine Ripened & Air Flown means this fruit reached optimal time on the tree and/or vine before being flown over, rather than shipped on a boat. Our fruit arrives within 3-4 days of being picked, as opposed to 14-21 days by boat. 

Tree Ripe & Air Flown