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Sugar Apple

Quantity: Sugar Apple x1 (Approx. 1lb)
Origin: Vietnam
Seasonality: Winter
Tree Ripened x Air Flown

Sugar Apple can be difficult to identify because fruits like: cherimoya, atemoya, pawpaw, and soursop are often called "Custard Apples," which they are. They are members of the Custard Apple family. A Sugar Apple is also a member of this family, but if you Google "Sugar Apple" and "Custard Apple" the same Wikipedia page comes up. These are Sugar Apples: Member of the Custard Apple Family. Make sense? 

The flavour, texture and appearance is similar to its cousins, but each of these fruits have their distinct features. We wish it was easy to say that if you like one of these fruits then you will like them all, but that would be a false statement. Each member of the Custard Apple family is very unique in flavour. The Sugar Apple itself is juicy like a soursop, but more custardy like a pawpaw. The flavour is incredibly sweet and aromatic with hints of pineapple, banana and vanilla.

Preparation Ideas: wait until the fruit is soft enough that it's practically falling apart. You can eat the flesh with a spoon, while spitting out any large seeds. If you feel like baking then you can turn your Apple Crisp recipe into a Sugar Apple Crisp recipe. 

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Tree Ripe & Air Flown

Tree/Vine Ripened & Air Flown means this fruit reached optimal time on the tree and/or vine before being flown over, rather than shipped on a boat. Our fruit arrives within 3-4 days of being picked, as opposed to 14-21 days by boat. 

Tree Ripe & Air Flown