Refundable. Reusable. Reducible.

Our reusable bag program is intended to save you money and relieve the planet on packaging waste. Simply leave your bag out on delivery day and we will refund you the full paid amount. You can also keep your bag, or return it to our store.

The bag is treated as a "product" therefore when a discount is applied to your order it is also applied to the bag. This will explain why the reimbursement for the bag is less than $8 sometimes. It just means you originally paid less than $8 due to a discount code.

While we believe the program is great for all of our customers we also understand that some people would prefer to not have a money stuck in a deposit. This is why we offer a recyclable box/bag option at check out.

If you're picking up

You can select the Reusable Bag or Box/Bag option. If you bring your own bag when you come to pick up your order we will refund you immediately.

If you opt out of a packaging option

If you choose to delete the packaging option from your cart your order will be sent out in a paper bag, or fruit flat. We strongly recommend the reusable bag option as they are insulated; and as long as you leave your empty Muddy Crops bag from your previous delivery outside your door on delivery day then it's free and contains the least amount of packaging waste!