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Fenwick, ON.

Apples; Honey Crisp

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Please stand up and hail to the mini melon sized apple that will put you to sleep, covered in sugary apple water before being able to finish it. Pick those apple chunks out of your beard or off your neck before your big meeting because everyone knows the interns you keep in the basement will be at this week's meeting and will certainly be asking where you're hiding the Honey Crisps. Sure, you could say, "Pal, I have no idea what you're talking about," but we all know this premium apple does not go unnoticed. 

Why are Honey Crisps more expensive than other apples? They are one of the only apples with higher labour costs due to their stems having to be picked to prevent them from stabbing other apples. 

Basket, approx. 3 apples

Grown locally on a family farm in Fenwick, Ontario
Available late September