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Jarinu, Brazil


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Did someone say "Pawpaw?" If so it was probably one of us. Hailing from the same family, Atemoya is a mix of Sugar Apple and Cherimoya. More similar to Cherimoya in the sense that the flesh is one big juicy, custardy chunk that screams "put a spoon in me, baby."

When the skin becomes soft to the touch you know it's ready to eat. This thing is exploding with sugary flavours of sugar apple, pineapple and banana. If you're a fan of any of these custardy things then you won't be disappointed. 

Please note: Like any custardy fruit you never want to refrigerate them before they are ripe. If it is not soft to the touch, leave it out. If it is soft, then the fridge will help preserve it.


Sold Individually | Tree Ripened

Grown in Jarinu, Brazil
Available in April