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Toronto, ON.

Bird Pan Loaf; Brodflour Bread

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We will occasionally have bread baked today up for grabs for delivery tomorrow. That means you will get the bread the day after it was baked - at a discount. To sum up: bread baked today (Friday) can be bought today (Friday) for delivery tomorrow (Saturday).

Brodflour's bird pan loaf features their prairie hard red flour which they mill in house down in ol' Liberty Village. They then jam pack their bread with a ton of sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and sunflower seeds. Rumour has it they actually have specialized staff in charge of each seed who pelt the bread from a perfect distance of 90 feet, six inches away - coincidentally the MLB's official pitching standard. We can't confirm this though.

But is the bread good? Yes. And it works on sandwiches.

Brodflour Bread, Toronto