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Cacao Fruit

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Intensely sweet, playfully sour, and distinctly tropical, the fresh pulp of the cacao fruit tastes something like citrus, mango, or lychee. Once you suck all that creamy pulp off you will find the cacao inside. Cacao is the raw, unprocessed version of cocoa. It's bitter, with hints of dark chocolate but eating the pulp with the seeds balances it out giving it a sweet and bitter, fruity chocolate taste.
The seeds pack a lot of flavour and so each fruit goes a long way. However, if raw cacao isn't your cup of tea, go ahead and make homemade chocolate. I've been eating one as I type this and honestly, I can't get enough.
This stuff also has some awesome health benefits which is worth looking into.

Sold Individually | Approx. 1.25lb | Tree Ripened

Grown in Ecuador 
Available in February