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Muddy Crops

Snowpiercer Kimchi

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As winter rages on, people all around the world prepare fermented food to keep them chugging through the long nights and unrelenting snow. Chef Alan, your gganbu, cares about your holistic health and is writing you a prescription for purple kimchi so that you can start this snowy journey with enough prebiotics to keep your gut and digestive tracts working like this well-oiled train of legend.

You will see garum below as an ingredient; think of it as an ancient Roman fermented fish sauce that was considered to be the Heinz 57 of its time. Only we made it from scratch using (you guessed it) fresh trout from the local pond.

This first-of-its-kind Ontario style kimchi has been fermented for three weeks over here at Muddy Labs. Expect the tanginess of naturally fermented cabbage, sweetness from the beets and maple syrup with a garlicky kick and minimal spice.

We also have limited supplies of one litre jars available for the avid kimchi consumer.

Ontario Organic Red Cabbage
Ontario Organic Red Onion
Ontario Organic Garlic
Ontario Organic Beets
Ontario Habanero
Ontario Organic Daikon
Ontario Organic Valentine Radish
Ontario Organic Black Radish
Ontario Maple Syrup
Ontario Rainbow Trout Garum
Ontario Salt

500mL & 1L | 100% Ontario Ingredients
*Refrigerate after opening
*Best Before: March 30th, 2022

Made by the Muddy Crops in-house chef Alan in Toronto, ON