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Muddy Crops

Creamed Spinach

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We may have gone a little over the top with this one by adding Sheldon Creek's 45% Cream for the onion and cream reduction, but Chef Alan assures us that it is "the fine dining version of the stuff your mom forced you to eat as a kid". Eat it as a side, use it as a dip, or do what Chef Alan has not stopped talking at us about: bake it with shredded fontina on top. I mean, he's probably right, but we're trying to give you the least amount of work as possible. 

The flavour is fresh, and yes, creamy. And as usual, 100% Ontario fresh ingredients. 

"Onion and cream reduction for onion and cream seduction" - Chef Alan

+Creamed Spinach+
Ontario Organic Spinach
Ontario Organic Calibra Onions
Ontario Organic Garlic
Ontario A2 Milk
Ontario 45% Cream
Ontario Organic Sunflower Oil

Ontario Salt

8oz | 100% Ontario Ingredients
*Keep Refrigerated 
*Best Before: November 2nd

Made by the Muddy Crops in-house chef Alan in Toronto, ON