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Muddy Crops

Earthly Delights

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Look no further if your diet is primarily fruit and veg. Make it all organically, sustainably and locally grown - BOOM, perfection.

Each week (or two weeks, whichever you prefer) you can count on the self-proclaimed experts here at Muddy Crops to curate you a bag of freshly picked earthly delights guaranteed to flip your hair back and make the entire family cry with joy. 

Each bag is jam packed with the fruit and veg essentials, mixed with some more rare options as they come into season. Some speciality tropical fruits may be included here and there, but the vast majority of the bag will be local. When the fruit growing season winds down in Ontario (October) the local fruit will be replaced with more specialty tropical fruits. 


* about 10-12 Local Seasonal Fresh Fruits/Veg (some weeks may have slightly more or less depending on the prices certain items)

Delivery is Tuesday late morning - early afternoon
Orders in by after Saturday will be added to the following week's cycle

Please leave bag out for pick up on delivery day