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Muddy Crops

Fresh Pasta; Beet & Rye Gnocchi

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A great entertainer once sang "just beet it" and then an equally great entertainer, Weird Al Yankovic, sang "just eat it". Good news, they are both right today. Sweet, sweet organic beets and locally milled flour are the heroic duo making this dish possible, like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers doing that handshake in Predator, you know the one. Chef Alan recommends cooking from frozen in boiling water for 4-5 minutes until the gnocchi floats to the top. He also recommends cream or butter sauces to pair with it.  


+Beet Gnocchi+
Ontario Organic Rye Flour
Ontario Organic Beets
Ontario Salt

225g | 100% Ontario Ingredients | Comes frozen
*Best Before: December 19th

Made by Muddy Crops in-house chef Alan in Toronto, ON