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Ridgeville, ON.

Honeydew; Organic & Biodynamic

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From Wikipedia: Honeydew is a sugar-rich sticky liquid, secreted by aphids and some scale insects as they feed on plant sap.

Oops! That's a different kind of Honeydew. Honeydew (the fruit), as seen here is a melon. A green melon, at that. Some people say, "hey, I'm happy with my Cantaloupe. I'll pass on the Honeydew." Others say, "I prefer Honeydew." But whatever your preference just know that Honeydew is a delicious fruit that should not be judged by the fact that it is always the last fruit eaten on a fruit platter. 

Sold by the melon

Grown locally on an Organic & Biodynamic family farm in Ridgeville, ON
Available in August-September