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Keene, ON.

Hot Dogs; Pasture Raised

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Muddy Crops, what are you doing?!? Hot Dogs?? Listen up: have we ever done you wrong? These aren't just "Hot Dogs." These are Hot Dogs. Hot Dooooogs. Done the right way. Never will you see this kind of hot dog at your grocery store. These aren't some processed, ambiguous rat meat tube. These are made with 100% grass fed, pasture raised raised meat. You might as well buy a street meat wagon and a yellow/red striped umbrella and stand outside the Skydome because these long, thin suckers are criminally better than street meat. Yeah, we said it. 

6 Hot Dogs | *Sold Frozen* | Pasture Raised

Raised locally on a High Welfare Certified farm in Keene, Ontario
Available all year round