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Jordan Station, ON.

Kalettes; Organic

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Here at Mini Crops we are always on the hunt for tiny foods. We all had a good laugh with the Watermelon Portable because eating watermelons in one go shouldn't be possible. Realistically, the remains of these things are supposed to spend the rest of their days in the back of your fridge hogging up your largest Tupperware for eight to twelve months. Well, it's time to get serious again because we've found yet another tiny item and these things, let me tell you, don't have a sense of humour.

A kale and Brussels sprouts hybrid, the florets grow right from the stalk like Brussels sprouts and look like miniature kale plants. They have a slightly nuttier flavour with a kale kick and are less earthy tasting than Brussels sprouts.


1/4 lb | Organic

Grown locally on an organic farm in Jordan Station, Ontario
Available from September - October