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Jordan Station, ON.

Northern Kiwi; No Spray

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We've done it again - yet another mini version of a larger thing. The Northern Kiwi has many names, including: Siberian Gooseberry, Arctic Kiwi, Kiwi Berry - to name a few. As the fruit gets more red blush and becomes softer you know it's ready to eat. Luck for you, these kiwis do not require any peeling. Just pop 'em in your mouth and get lost in yet another tropical flavour explosion from Ontario soil. We currently only have one Northern Kiwi tree to source from, so this amazing little piece of paradise is only available once a year until it sells out. 

When are they ripe? First, we recommend leaving them out of the fridge. Northern Kiwi's are picked hard and intended to ripen after being picked. Over a couple days they will soften up (like an avocado) and that's how you will know they are ready. They may not all be ready at the same time, so you can enjoy them over a few days!

Sold by the half pint 

Grown locally on a family farm in Jordan Station, Ontario
Available just this once in October