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Muddy Crops

La Bomba Alla'Funghi; Organic

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The cascading cliffs and the sun drenched beaches of Calabria is home to the origins of "La Bomba", an understated vegetable condiment that can go on any sandwich, served as a dip with fresh seafood, as a base for pizza or added into a light pasta sauce. Chef Alan used  local organic mushrooms as the base so you can expect rich umami balanced with sweet and spicy peppers. 

+La Bomba Alla'Funghi+
Ontario Organic Mini Bella Mushrooms
Ontario Organic Fennel
Ontario Organic Carrots
Ontario Organic Garlic
Ontario Organic Habanero
Ontario Organic Red Bell Peppers
Ontario Organic Sunflower Oil
Ontario Organic Red Onion
Ontario Apple Cider Vinegar
Ontario Salt

8oz | 100% Ontario Ingredients
*Keep Refrigerated
*Best Before: December 21th, 2022

Made by the Muddy Crops in-house chefs Alan and Tara in Toronto, ON