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Keene, ON.

Lamb Shanks; Pasture Raised

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Remember the first time you had lamb shanks? Probably on a cold evening like the ones we've been having recently, slow braised in a tomato based stew with vegetables, plated with the bone facing up, steam rising to greet your nostrils and having the meat fall away with from the bone just by touching it with a spoon, or is that just me? You can sear these bad boys, put them in a dutch oven with any liquid and leave them for an hour or so.

James' Lamb Shanks are pasture raised and free-run without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Never mass produced and always ethical. 

1 Shank (Approx. 0.80lb - 1lb) *Sold Frozen* | Pasture Raised

Raised locally on a High Welfare Certified farm in Keene, Ontario
Available all year round