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Muddy Crops

Lava Tsunami; Fruit Hot Sauce

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Strawberries are sweet. Watermelons are wet. Habaneros are hot: sweating whilst being refreshed at the same time is a rare, nearly unattainable state of being -- and we've bottled that feeling.

Made from 100% Ontario ingredients this hot sauce is sweet and spicy. Great on chicken, turkey, or for a spicy ice cream. 

Hot Sauce must be refrigerated and will be best enjoyed within a month, but will be good for several months. 

And now, an important message from Chef Alan: I am very proud to bring you all the first of many wonderful hot sauces that showcase the versatility of what we can find in our own hundred kilometre backyard. The fruit based hot sauces aim to titillate the senses with the sweetness of perfectly ripened fruit and the heat of Ontario grown peppers. Get creative with the food you put the hot sauce on, there is no wrong answer.

Ontario Field Strawberries
Ontario Organic Watermelon
Ontario Organic Habanero Peppers
Ontario No.1 Unpasteurized Honey
Ontario Wine Vinegar
Ontario Salt

4oz | 100% Ontario Ingredients
*Keep Refrigerated 
*Best Before: January 10th

Made by the Muddy Crops in-house chef, Alan, in Toronto, Ontario