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Hainan, China

Mango; "Concubine of the Sun"

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Our thin pit trilogy has found its ending...for now. You can bet your kids' lunch money we will find thinner pits and will not rest until the pit is so thin you can use it as a mango toothpick. For now we are pleased to introduce the "Guifei" mango. Guifei translates to "Concubine" but "Concubine of the Sun" is something we heard someone call it, so we are sticking with it. 

The Peach Mango, Dingli Mango and Guifei mango all come from the same area in Hainan. Known for their tropical fruit madness you can feel confident in knowing that if you tried the Peach or Dingli Mango you will not be disappointed in the Guifei Mango. Trying the first two and not the third is like is like watching The Mighty Ducks, then D2 then claiming you're too old for D3.

The mangos range from midsize to downright massive.

Sold Individually | 9-26oz | Tree Ripened

Grown in Sanya, Hainan, China
Available in May-June