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Hainan, China

Mango; "Peach Mango"

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At last, a mango that has more mango than pit. No longer does a mango need to be the size of your skull to bear enough fruit to satisfy the craving. The pit is about the thickness of 8 playing cards pressed together and the mango is soft to eat with a spoon. The flavour is similar to the Peruvian Kent mango, with more peachy flavour and fibre. It's crazy sweet and unique, I guess is what we are trying to say here. 

Note: The "Black Spotted Skin" are approximately 6-10oz, but with damaged skin. We cannot promise a perfect interior to the mango so that is why they are discounted. You will definitely get some quality fruit out of it, but some might be lost.  

Sold Individually | Tree Ripened

Grown in Sanya | Hainan, China
Available in May