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Lima, Peru

Mango; Peruvian Kent

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UPDATE: after trying this mango we believe it is our civic duty to warn you that this particular fruit is so f*****g good that there is a seventy-five percent chance you instantly achieve a state of consciousness where life and the universe will suddenly come into clear focus and the meaning of life will present itself before you. When the ecstasy reaches its peak, you will promptly melt on the spot.

This mango is large. It’s firm enough to cut into perfect cubes like Kent mangos, though soft and almost as juicy as Palmers, and sweeter and deeper in flavour than any mango we've tried.

The x-rated photos attached here demonstrate just how delectable this fruit is.

Sold individually | Approx. 1.25lbs each | Tree Ripened

*Please Note: This week's mangoes are smaller than last week

Grown in San Miguel, Lima, Peru
Available all year