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Bogotá, Colombia

Mangosteen; Purple

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There is truly nothing cooler than a fruit with origins unknown. Due to widespread prehistoric cultivation we are left simply with a fantastically refreshing fruit with a name that sounds like a Swedish mango. 

Mangosteens are high in xanthones meaning that if you have a blood clotting condition or you are taking blood thinning medications it is not recommended in concentrated doses. They are also very hard to find because the trees can take 10-20 years to bear fruit. So let's summarize: this fruit is expensive, takes 10-20 years to fruit, and can hospitalize someone. Why on Earth keep this thing around? Simple. Just look at it. It's cool and absolutely delicious. In fairness to Mangosteen though, most fruits are poisonous to some degree and many people are allergic to a lot of fruits. So don't judge a fruit by its past for fruit can change.

Crack ones of these open to unearth the soft, garlic-clove shaped jewels. It's like sucking back an oyster but they're incredible sweet - almost tangerine tasting.

1lb | 4-5 Mangosteens | Tree Ripened

Grown in Bogotá, Colombia 
Available all year