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Fenwick, ON.

Strawberries, Everbearing; "Florida Beauty"

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Everbearing field strawberries are available from the first week of June-October. "June Bearing" field Strawberries are the traditional Ontario strawberry that many people remember from any decade before the 1970s. June Berries are available for 2-3 weeks at the end of June. The rest of the summer and fall our strawberries are the "Everbearing" variety. These grow for months instead of weeks because they can withstand more intense temperatures. Everbearing strawberries have a longer shelf life, deeper red skin and are generally less soft than June Berries. 

Florida Beauty's tend to vary in size from large to small. They have a sweeter flavour than earlier June strawberries.

Sold by the pint (12oz) | Everbearing | Soil Grown

Grown locally on a family farm in Fenwick, Ontario
Available April-November

Storage Tips: Refrigerate unwashed in a sealed Tupperware