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Norfolk County, ON.

Pawpaw; Wild

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Pawpaws are a tropical fruit native to Southern Ontario. They are higher in vitamin C than fresh oranges and higher in potassium than fresh bananas. They can be eaten at many stages, but much like a mango or banana they reach their full potential after a couple days sitting out and softening a bit. The more they soften the sweeter and richer they will become. The taste: custard + mango + banana + butterscotch.

They are the only tropical fruit to grow in a temperate climate. It is believed that animals, such as: mega sloths, mammoths, and mastodons carried the seeds, after eating them, long distances; then releasing them throughout in what is now the U.S. and Southern Ontario. It is thanks to years of cultivating by different Indigenous tribes that we still find Pawpaw trees growing here in Southern Ontario. 

WARNING - do not eat the seeds. Spit them out like you do a watermelon. Or save them in a damp paper towel, in plastic for someone who can grow them!


Sold as 1/2lb

Grown wildly in Niagara, Ontario
Available September - October