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Ridgeville, ON.

Peaches, "Garnet Beauty"; Organic

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Congratulations to Farmer Marc for being the only Certified Organic peach grower in Ontario. Not only will you see the difference in the peaches shape and size, but also in the sweet nectar flavour. 

Our Ontario peaches come from the one and only greatest growing zone for peaches in Canada: Niagara. Early peaches are semi-clingstone, then after a few weeks they will become freestone. Varieties vary from Red Haven to Harrow Diamond. These are only two of many other varieties of peaches that we harvest in Ontario. And you bet your butt that we carry as many as we can.

5-6 Peaches | Approx. 1.5lbs | Semi-Freestone

Grown locally on a organic/biodynamic farm in Ridgeville, Ontario
Available August-September