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Peeled RI-6 Durian (500g)

Quantity: 500g Peeled RI-6 Durian 
Origin: Vietnam
Seasonality: Mid-Fall to Early-Spring
Tree Ripened x Air Flown

The RI-6 Durian is a perfect Durian for Durian beginners. Everything about this Durian screams fresh Durian, but it's a little more mild in smell and flavour than a Musang King. Sure, people will know a Durian was in your house, but it won't be as intense. The flavour is still perfectly creamy and aromatic, but it's not as much of a slap to your taste buds as other Durians. 

Preparation Ideas: Durian is nature's dessert, but if you're looking to go beyond eating it fresh there are some very interesting recipes. Use your Durian to make: soufflé, fritters, doughnuts, ice cream, popsicles, or into a cream for your coffee. If desserts aren't your thing then a Pengat, or chicken and Durian curry are classics. 

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Tree Ripe & Air Flown

Tree/Vine Ripened & Air Flown means this fruit reached optimal time on the tree and/or vine before being flown over, rather than shipped on a boat. Our fruit arrives within 3-4 days of being picked, as opposed to 14-21 days by boat. 

Tree Ripe & Air Flown