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Milverton, ON.

Pork Belly, Fresh/Skin On; Organic Pasture Raised

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We've got a small batch of extremely plump and tender pork belly looking for a belly. Usually sold in the form of strips, a.k.a bacon, this stuff is as rich and tasty as meat comes.

If you’re roasting pork belly as a whole slab, the skin is typically left on. We suggest that you score it to let it crisp up into delicious crackling. Or if you’re cutting the pork belly into your own thick-sliced rashers of bacon, you may prefer it with the skin off.  

There are many ways to cook this cut but a good and simple start would be a reverse sear. Cook low and slow, dry or wet, for as long as you can wait and then finish with a high heat sear sear to crisp the outsides. Pork belly is rich in flavour so best eaten in small amounts. Or if you're looking to have a long nap, somewhere between thirty-six hours and a coma, try eating the entire thing.

*Sold vacuum packed and frozen

1lb | Organic

Locally raised in Milverton, Ontario
Available all year round