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Jordan Station, ON.

Potatoes, Yellow Mini; Organic

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Fun Fact: The Beatles' first hit "Love Me Do" was originally titled "Love Me Some Potatoes" but new manager Brian Epstein, in what music historians have since dubbed "the most intelligent decision in songwriting history" stepped in and changed the course of music forever with a single word: love. Though after his untimely death in '67 the Beatles went on to manage themselves and their knack for writing lyrics and phrases utterly unidentifiable to the human race continued on in full force.

Is this true, you ask? Or better yet, should a produce company really be lecturing me on music history? I just came here for potatoes, man. And why, out of all places, is such beneficial information lumped with such an innocuous vegetable? The answer? Find out next week on our one time special event: Kale and its Key Role in 2000 Presidential Election.

Sold as 1.5lbs | Organic

Grown organically on a family farm in Jordan Station, Ontario
Available in July-October