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Keene, ON.

Prime Rib Steak; Pasture Raised

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No need for a special occasion to get these beautiful prime rib steaks but certainly an excuse to use the cast iron skillet you got last Christmas and swore you would use. On a barbecue, these are the kinds steaks your dad would breathe on your neck while you were cooking them. Normally I wouldn't suggest anything more than a seasoning of salt and pepper, but definitely basting in butter for an ultra-decadent steak that will get your dad to nod his head in approval.

James' Prime Rib Steaks are pasture raised and free-run without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Never mass produced and always ethical. 

Approx. 16-17oz *Sold Frozen* | Pasture Raised

Raised locally on a High Welfare Certified farm in Keene, Ontario
Available all year round