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Muddy Crops

Purple Soup; Organic

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"I gotta focus, I'm shifting into soup mode." - George Costanza. 

Purple, the hue most associated with royalty of old because of its rarity and the colour of beloved Jurassic entertainer, Barney the Dinosaur. Chef Alan rounded up just about every purple ingredient he could get his indigo-stained hands on and created this hearty blend to warm up your bones and kept it vegan because he cares about everybody. 

Ontario Organic Purple Cauliflower
Ontario Organic Huckleberry Gold Potatoes
Ontario Organic Purple Peruvian Potatoes
Ontario Organic Purple Sage
Ontario Organic Garlic
Ontario Organic Sunflower Oil
Ontario Salt

1L | 100% Ontario Ingredients
*Keep Refrigerated 
*Best Before: November 22nd

Made by the Muddy Crops in-house chef Alan in Toronto, ON