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Bancroft, ON.

Ramp Bulbs

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Ramps are a club favourite here at 'ol Muddy Crops. Not just because they are delicious and can be cooked up in a billion different ways (we like 'em whole, pan-fried with butter and salt) but they are, as we have decided, the official Ontario symbol for "Goodbye winter, hello barbeques, patios and ice cold beer." As the season ramps up the tough winter veg can finally relax and make way for all the tasty sweetness our summers here are sure to bring. You're probably thinking, "Did these guys actually choose this strange onion as the symbol for this astronomical shift simply because of its name? Are they really that simple? That shallow? The answer, my friends, is yes.

Ramps (or "Wild Leeks") are a species of wild onion. They pack a mean yet sweet onion and garlicky flavour. While most of the flavour of a ramp is found in the bulb the entire plant can and should be eaten. They are rich in Vitamin A and C and eating enough will in fact make you want to take your shirt off and start tanning in nine degree weather.

Sold by the pound & half pound | Wild

Foraged wildly in Bancroft & Collingwood Ontario
Available from Late April-May

Storage Tips: Loosely in plastic bag; keep tips moist