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Keene, ON.

Sausage, Chorizo; Pasture Raised

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Many countries in Central and Latin America or Spain have their own way of making chorizo and champion theirs as the best. Some like it spicy, others more mild and I would put these on the mild side of that scale. Personally, those dinky little breakfast sausages have had their time in the sun and now it's time for chorizo to shine as a breakfast staple. Grilled, baked, pan fried or even taking the sausage out of the casing for chili are all valid ways to enjoy these sausages.

James' Chorizo Sausages are pasture raised and free-run without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Never mass produced and always ethical. 

4 Sausages (Approx. 1lb) *Sold Frozen* | Pasture Raised

Raised locally on a High Welfare Certified farm in Keene, Ontario
Available all year round