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Muddy Crops

Fresh Pasta; Spelt Fettuccine

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Everybody loves pasta. That's a fact.

But fresh pasta? With freshly milled spelt flour? Carefully made, weighed and packed by two affable pasta enthusiasts who have poured their hearts into this massive, doughy undertaking? Did they cry when they had to pack their fettuccine and say goodbye? Have they gotten over this recent parting? Are they currently doing everything in their power to prevent us from offering them on our website? Will they wind up at your homes in the middle of the night begging to see if their fettuccine went to a good home? Should you be afraid to purchase this beloved pasta?

This spelt flour fettuccine is a hearty and all-natural take on the traditional pasta noodle. The spelt offers a deep, wheaty taste that will fill you up twice as easily as store bought dried pasta. A truly South Ontarian pasta.

Chef Alan recommends cooking the noodles for 5-6 minutes from frozen in boiling salted water, stirring occasionally, then adding directly into your sauce.

+Spelt Fettuccine+
Ontario Organic Spelt Flour
Ontario Omega-3 Free Range Eggs
Ontario Organic Sunflower oil
Ontario Salt

250g | 100% Ontario Ingredients | Comes frozen
*Best Before: December 16th

Made by the Muddy Crops in-house chefs Alan and Tara in Toronto, ON