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Fenwick, ON.

Strawberries, June Berry; "Jewel"

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The Jewel Berry is a June bearing strawberry. June Berries are available for 2-3 weeks at the end of June. The rest of the summer and fall our strawberries are the "Ever-bearing" variety. 

What makes June Berries special? They are what you remember strawberries tasting like. They are plump, soft, juicy and redder than the metal of a tractor on fire. The short season makes them a hot commodity, but they are worth every second you get to spend with them. And it doesn't even matter if you have teeth because you can chew these with your tongue and roof of your mouth.

Sold by the pint (12oz) | June Berry | Soil Grown

Grown locally on a family farm in Fenwick, Ontario
Available Mid-Late June

Storage Tips: Refrigerate unwashed in a sealed Tupperware