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New Hamburg, ON.

Strawberries; Organic

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We are pleased to introduce our newest variety of strawberries. Growing Organic strawberries in Ontario is a very difficult process, which is why we haven't carried a consistent source ever before. While all of our fruit is grown "organically" and sustainably, finding a berry that can legally slap that Organic label on it has been a journey for many farmers. It's a more gruelling process, but it's all about how they treat the soil and how that effects the taste of the fruit. We think you will all be very happy with these tiny, Organic strawberries from Ontario. 

1lb | Variety Rotation: Albion, Galletta, Seascape, Red Merlon | Organic 

Grown locally on a Organic family farm in Hew Hamburg, Ontario
Available Mid June-July

Storage Tips: Refrigerate unwashed in a sealed Tupperware