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Fenwick, ON.

Strawberries, Flat of Jammers; "Florida Beauty"

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Sometimes we buy a bunch of strawberries, then it rains and our markets can't sell them all. We like getting our berries fresh multiple times a week, so once the berries get a few days old we will sell them as "Jammers." We call them jammers because someone called them that a long time ago when they wanted to make jam. But these berries don't have to be hard work. They are still great for eating, or any use you want to use them for. 

Normally a fresh flat will cost more, so you will notice from softer berries and cuts.  

Sold by the Flat (Approx. 7.5 lbs) | Everbearing | Soil Grown

Grown locally on a family farm in Fenwick, Ontario
Available April-November