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Staffordville, ON.

Sunflower Oil; Organic

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Mat's cold-pressed sunflower oil is made from Ontario grown ingredients. That's right. Not only is this fresh pressed, giving it flavour that most people have probably never tried before in sunflower oil, but the ingredients are 100% from this great land. 

His oils are pressed once a month and marked on each bottle is the date of the pressing, along with the farmer who grew the seeds. 

His pressing facility and home is off the grid, using solar cells as well as sunflower oil powered diesels that run the presses. He also powers his diesel farm vehicles when not using draft horses in the fields.

Unrefined cold pressed vegetable oil is less heat stable but will retain more of its original nutrient content and flavour, and is well suited to dishes that require low or no heat.

250ml & 500ml

Staffordville, ON.
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