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Alymer, ON.

Watermelon, Portable; Organic

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Last week we shook the planet with the Mini Watermelon. Designed to fit in standard household fridges and spare back pain, it was the first of its kind to also leave zero leftovers at any given get together. But here at Muddy Labs we are always pushing the envelope, always looking for ways of improvement. Today we are pleased to announce that the future has arrived.

Introducing the Watermelon Portable.

The melon even smaller than before. While still retaining its signature sweetness and shirt-drenching juiciness, you can now carry one with you anywhere you go. Rain or shine, bus, car or walk -- there is no limit to how far you can journey with one of these babies.

Just don't test your machoness with how far you can throw it because the answer is way too far.

Sold by the melon (approx. weight 4lb)

Grown locally on a family farm in Alymer, ON
Available in August