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Muddy Crops

Weekend Survival Kit

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A bunch of chumps in lab coats say that most people do their grocery shopping on weekends. Let's work together here to throw their numbers off while simultaneously getting more out of our weekends by not following sticker arrows on grocery store floors. 

Along with fresh, seasonal fruits and/or veg each bag will be filled with weekly chef made specials and long term preserves. 


* 3-5 Local Seasonal Fresh Items
* 1 Same Day Baked Sourdough Bread
* 1 Dozen Free-Run Eggs
* 2-3 Seasonal Homemade Weekly Specials

Delivery is on Friday morning to ensure you are well stocked for the weekend. 
**Orders in by after Tuesday will be added to the following week delivery**

Please leave bag out for pick up on delivery day
** $10 deposit for reusable bag + ice pack **